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Biblical EQ

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biblical eqA biblical, Christ-centered, approach to emotional intelligence and emotional management.

EQ is emotional intelligence - the capacity to be wise and masterful - both emotionally and relationally.

Biblical EQ is the godly and wise management of emotions and is a key skill in Christian living and in serving God effectively.

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This book was originally written to help Christian workers master the emotional stresses and strains of missionary service but is relevant to all Christians. It is written from an evangelical/charismatic perspective that takes Scripture as the basis for all its conclusions.

john and minda edmistonBiblical EQ explores the possibility of Jesus being our model for Christian emotionality and what that means for our own self-understanding, emotional healing, personal mastery and for our day to day living. Biblical EQ aims to answer questions such as:

Book Outline:

PART ONE - Jesus As Our Model- 5
Commencing The Journey - 6
Common Questions About Emotions - 9
Can Jesus Be Our Model For Biblical EQ? - 14
The Holy Spirit And The Emotional Life of Jesus -21
The Emotional Life Of The Apostles, Prophets and Great Christian Leaders - 30
The Emotional Life of Carnal Christians -37

PART TWO - Our Inner World - 42
Perception - 43
Perception In and By The Spirit - 56
The Thoughts and Intentions Of The Heart - 73
The Learning Organization - 84
Emotions And Our Physiology - 92

PART THREE - Practical Masterful Living- 104
The Masterful Mind - 105
Getting A Handle On Our Emotions - 118
Acting On And Reacting To Our Strong Emotions - 124
Recognizing And Understanding Emotions In Others - 133
The Appropriate Expression of Emotions - 143
Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - 149
Teachers Guide, References, About The Author

Workbook (10 sessions as a PDF file)

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Biblical EQ Seminar -John Edmiston can take a Biblical EQ seminar for your church or organization.

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