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How To Do Your 1500 - 2000 Word Assignment

Your 1500 - 2000 word assignment can at first seem intimidating. But take heart it is really just a series of paragraphs! (Your assignment topic can be found on the main page for that subject).

  1. The key is to break the big task down into lots of smaller tasks, each of which is easy. The way we do this is by coming up with an assignment outline.
  2. Your 2000 words can be broken up as follows:
    200 words introduction
    200 words conclusion
    and 1600 words in-between - which is about ten 160 word sections. (160 words is about one quarter of a page of single spaced type)
  3. So say your topic is the LMJ assignment: "Discuss any five of the main stages in the life and ministry of Jesus." (e.g. His baptism, death, ascension etc.) we can divide it into Introduction, Conclusion, and ten 160 word sections - that is two sections on each of the five stages.
  4. So now our outline looks like this:
    Introduction - 200 words
    Incarnation - 2 sections
    Baptism - 2 sections
    Healing ministry - 2 sections
    Death - 2 sections
    Resurrection - 2 sections
    Conclusion - 200 words
  5. If we want we can break it down even further with the sections broken down to short 80 word paragraphs:
    Introduction - 200 words
    Incarnation - humanity, divinity, humility, as a servant (80 words each)
    Baptism - in water, in the Spirit, model for Christians, identification with sinners (80 words each)
    Healing ministry - reason for, driven by compassion, Jesus as healer, wholeness as salvation (80 words each)
    Death - significance for Jesus, significance for us, significance for the Jews, significance for the Old Covenant (80 words each)
    Resurrection - events, declaration as son of God, rising to new life, in light of Cor 15, (80 words each)
    Conclusion - 200 words
  6. First do a little bit of research so you come up with a good outline.Then only research enough to write that paragraph - eg you only need to write 80 words on the humanity of Jesus in the incarnation. So don't spend a whole day stuck on that one point! Eighty words is only about about five sentences - which you can find in any standard theology text.
  7. Go point by point, one step at a time, research- then write, then move to the next point.
  8. Write the introduction last.
  9. Then add the references. AIBI prefers the Harvard referencing system which can be found online at
    Please not that this is an external reference site and thus not part of the AIBI.
  10. Don't forget to put your name, contact details, subject and the topic of the assignment on the front page and to upload it to the relevant drop-box in the Interaction Center