Spiritual Gifts Bible Study


  • A nine-week series on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit (from a charismatic & Pentecostal perspective).

  • Solid bible teaching, many Scripture references.

  • Balanced, avoids undue controversy.

  • For both individual and group study.

  • Free to download , free to use in your church or bible study, free to reproduce for non-profit ministry purposes.




Download the complete PDF study guide for free.


All  nine PowerPoints as a zip file, free to download and use.


Best taught as an entire series as the lessons build on each other.


This nine-week series generates a LOT of discussion so give time for questions and for practice of the gifts.


About 60-90 minutes per lesson is good.


Contact: John Edmiston


The workbook , videos and PowerPoints are copyright by John Edmiston (2016) under the Creative Commons License.

They  may be freely reproduced for non-profit ministry purposes, including being put on your website, however they may not be sold in any way whatsoever.