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The Heavenly Realms

The Christian doctrines of Heaven, Hell, angels, demons, eternity
and the state of the spiritual realms

The free etext is the KeeBoo ebook The Heavenly Realms which can be read in Internet Explorer

1.   Download and read the ebook - it is the free etext for the course.

2.   Second, discuss the Heavenly Realms and the questions it raises in your class, and/or the forums.

3.  Third write and reflect - in your personal journals.

4.  Fourth - do the assignment which is to: Write a 1500 word (3 page) term paper on:

"Choose four elements from the following list:
Heaven, Hell, eternity, Sheol, angels, demons, the ascension of Jesus Christ, the occult, or paganism.

Then write an essay that shows for each of them:

a) what they are  and how they have been changed by the work of Jesus Christ
b) how they affect the life and salvation of the Christian believer."

(Hint: Use E-Sword or a bible concordance to locate all the New Testament references to these terms. The E-Sword add-ons may also provide some valuable information.)

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the course material.

Term papers should be done in MS-Word or similar format (Wordperfect, RTF , PDF)

You may find the free E-Sword Bible Study Software helpful in this research project.

Please hand the finished assignment to your pastor or study supervisor who will mark it and then send the result to us.


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