Instructor's Guide

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to all nations. And then the end shall come.

The "Good News Of The Kingdom" series is designed to help Christians to understand the great concepts of the Christian faith taught from a "Kingdom perspective".

The studies build one upon the other, so it is important to study them in the order shown.

You will have a PDF class handout and a simple PowerPoint, I hope to soon add MP3 audio as well.

You will have to print out the PDF handout and give it to each member of the class.

Most studies have real life "scenario questions" to assist the students with applying the concepts in the lesson.

Theologically this bible study series is Charismatic/Pentecostal  and emphasizes life in the Spirit.

It clarifies many key puzzling concepts in New Testament Christianity and people say it is very helpful.

We place no restrictions on the use of this material other than you keep the author as John Edmiston.

You may freely teach it in your church, life groups or bible college.

You may freely reproduce the Good News of The Kingdom bible study materials for your students and charge a small materials cost reimbursement fee however there must not be any "commercial sales" e.g. via a commercial publisher.

You may even issue your own Certificates of Completion.

Each class takes between an hour an a quarter and an hour an a half and you should encourage plenty of discussion.

Having 15 minutes or more of worship beforehand can be inspirational.

You can book Rev. John Edmiston to speak at your church or conference. Just send him an email.


The Good News Of The Kingdom

John Edmiston

These studies were originally taught in a church setting at New Life Foursquare Church in its campuses in Norwalk and Harbor City.

They are "deeper life" teaching covering the topic of the Kingdom of God. Each lesson takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. Questions are encouraged.

The studies are in html (web page, the bold link) and I have also added PDF (for student handouts) and PowerPoint (PPTX) for the instructor.

These studies are Creative Commons. You may use these studies and resources freely for non-profit ministry purposes but they may not be sold in any way.

Email the author:   John Edmiston

Download all the studies as a 42page PDF ebook The Gospel Of The Kingdom

The Studies

  1. Introduction - What Is The Kingdom of God PDF PPTX
  2. The Throne of God    PDF   PPTX
  3. The Holy Spirit     PDF    PPTX
  4. Parables Of The Kingdom    PDF    PPTX
  5. Prayers of the Kingdom   PDF    PPTX
  6. The Cross and The Kingdom Part 1 (OT vs NT)   PDF    PPTX
  7. The Cross and The Kingdom Part 2 (The Cross and the Blood)   PDF    PPTX
  8. The Powers of The Kingdom - Prayer & Spiritual Gifts   PDF   PPTX
  9. Walking In The Kingdom   PDF Handout   PowerPoint
  10. The Kingdom Is Opposed    PDF Handout     PowerPoint
  11. The Kingdom Is Victorious  PDF handout      PowerPoint