A Deep Dive Into The Gospel of Luke





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 These 61 studies cover the entire Gospel of Luke and were taught to a diverse bible study group in Carson, California over a period of two years or so.


This is a verse-by-verse exegetical approach to Luke where we follow Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection. Practical issues are dealt with along the way as each passage is explored in-depth.


The questions are designed to engage learners in deep bible study and theological reflection as they explore this Gospel. Many parallel passages are also explored in order to build Luke into the Gospel narrative and into the biblical narrative as a whole.


Theologically, the studies are non-denominational and do not push any particular divisive doctrines. The studies should be suitable for most Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal Christians.


Doing 61 studies is a long haul. It involves a considerable commitment of time and energy to find out about Jesus. However deep exploration like this also leads to a much deeper knowledge of Christ and the gospel!



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Author:   Rev.  John Edmiston B.Sc. B.D.


Contact:    johned@cybermissions.org