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Frank Bostrom PowerPoints - Introduction

PowerPoint - Week 1

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Heb vs Gk Mind Notes

Progression of Sin

Newsletter Week 2

Pastor Bill's Notes

PowerPoints Week 2

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Pastor Bill's Notes

PowerPoints Week 3

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Week 4

PowerPoint 1

PowerPoint 2

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Week 5

PowerPoint: Renewing The Mind

Handout: Renewing The Mind (PDF)

Additional Handout: Jesus And Our Suffering (PDF)

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Week 6

The Problem of Suffering -PowerPoint

The Problem of Suffering - Handout

Sanctified Walking PowerPoint

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Newsletter 6

Newsletter 7

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Week 7

PowerPoint: Sanctified Walking Part 2

Walking Part 2 a PPT

The Victory PPT

The Victory Handout

End Times Apostasy Test

Sanctification: God's Grand Plan

Newsletter 8


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sanctification process

An 8 week class looking at the topic of Christian sanctification. For details (cost, location etc) see class brochure


PART 1: Overview --- Introduction | From Salvation to Sanctified | From Assurance to Inheritance

PART 2: The Kingdom of G-D [past] | The Kingdom Events [present day] | The Millennial Kingdom [future]

PART 3: The Power: Who are Overcomers? | What is an Overcomer? | Overcoming the Enemy

PART 4: The Goal: G-d’s Resurrection Power | Strength in Weakness

PART 5: The Mind: Walking by Faith---The Means of G-d’s Power | Renewing your mind

PART 6: The Struggle: Sanctification, Discipline, and Suffering | Overcoming the Flesh--Walking in Spirit

PART 7: The Victory: Overcoming specific temptations | Hearing from G-D. How do you know it?