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Leadership Training

Articles on Leadership and Pastoral Ministry

From Eternity Online Magazine (1994-1998)

Biblical and exegetical material applied to leadership questions.

Leadership Material

A mixture of Christian ideas and "Christian-compatible" secular material on leadership. (These links are to a website outside GlobalChristians.Org and GlobalChristians.Org cannot be held responsible for the content.)

12 Thinking Skills
The Anointing Making Teams Work at the Top
Are There Still Apostles Today?  
Apostles And Church Discipline The Management of Sin and Sinners In The First Century The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
Beware of Men The Masters Forum
Little Faith, Big Faith, Participating Faith 7 Questions:
When Rights Clash A Leadership Checkup
A Christian Approach To Conflict Resolution Characteristics of Healthy Churches

Designer Theology

Constructive Management of Conflict in Groups
Ministry as Empowerment Dealing with Conflict
Evaluating A Revival Movement Deepening Our Conversation with God
Profile of An Ex-pastor

God's Kingdom 'Is Grinding to a Halt Under Consultations and Meetings'

Following The Father - Guidance In Ministry
Grace and Works Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge
How Does God Guide Us? How to Be Heard Mastering six overlooked fundamentals of clear communication
Theology: Who Is "The Inner Man"? And What Is He Like?
Article: What Is A Christian Nature? - The Inner Man Part Two LeadershipJournal.Net
In The Spirit On The Lord's Day Ministry to Missing Members How to respond when people drop out of church
Word Study: The Kingdom (of God) Deepening Our Conversation with God - Part 1
Deepening Our Conversation with God - Part 2
The End Of My Searching? Spotting a New Leader
The Meaning Of Life Strategies to Keep from Falling Practical steps to maintain your purity and your ministry
Praying The Price of Revival Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
Quotes For Pastors Team Technology
The Evangelization of Whole Communities The Key to Influence
The Slack Brother The Leadership Advantage
Spiritual Warfare For The Totally Afraid The Peter F Drucker Foundation  for Non-Profit Management
Dealing With Curses, Hexes And Spells The Potential Around You
How To Handle Stress The Secrets of Great Groups
Attacking Evil With Wisdom TypeLogic.com
Temptation of Jesus Winning at Change
Trials and Testings Working out your Myers Briggs Type
New Creation Leadership Applied To Biblical Funding Structures In Ministry Your Leadership is Unique
Quality In Ministry