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AIBI - Harvestime Modules


Equipping You To Labor In The Kingdom Harvest

The Harvestime course is a tried and tested two-year distance learning program for pastors, church planters, evangelists and missionaries - particularly those of a Charismatic or Pentecostal persuasion. It has been run in over 50 countries.

It is designed to be an inexpensive "bible-college in a box" with all the forms, modules, exams and study materials you need. It is solidly biblically based and the only textbook you need is the Bible! This makes it ideal for students on a budget or for churches in remote locations.

Please note; WE DO NOT OFFER DIPLOMAS OR MARK PAPERS, WE ONLY DISTRIBUTE THE MODULES.  You are free to offer your own diplomas using the procedure below.

The Harvestime course consists of 17 core modules plus half a dozen or so optional courses. The modules are between 150 to 300 pages long are the "fill-in-the-blank" style teaching materials commonly used in TEE (Theological Education by Extension) that lead the student to learn one concept at a time.

These Harvestime modules are available in the following languages: 
English, Spanish, Tagalog, Cebuano, Portuguese, French, Thai, Luganda, Swahili and Russian.

You are encouraged to form a small study group in your local church or community and to download the materials you will study there from this website.

  1. Form a group in your church to study the Harvestime modules. There is now NO COST

  2. Go to the web page for your language (see above)

  3. Download the modules you wish to study.

  4. Read the Orientation Guide first!

  5. Download and read one of the Harvestime modules (you may study them in any order but there is a recommended order of study in the Orientation Guide).

  6. Discuss the module in the group and do the self-tests.

  7. When you are ready do the final exams.

  8. Give the completed tests to your pastor or study group leader who will mark them and issue the diploma (in the name of that church or bible college)

  9. Please note, the AIBI is focused on churches in the developing world, if you are in the USA please contact the Harvestime International Network instead.


Altar Counselors Guide PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Angels of God PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Basic Bible Survey - Old Testament PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Basic Bible Survey - New Testament PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Battle for the Body PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical Management Principles PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical Numbers PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical Theology PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical World View PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical Worship PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Confronting Crisis PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Covenant of Abraham PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Creative Bible Study PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Divine Division PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Divine Provision PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Environmental Analysis PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Foundations of Faith PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
From Islam to Immanuel PDF        
Harvestime Course Material          
Intercessory Prayer PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Jail and Prison Ministry Manual PDF DOCX MOBI PRC  
Kingdom Living PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Knowing God's Voice PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Leaven-Like Evangelism PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Legacy Course Production PDF DOCX MOBI PRC  
Management by Objectives PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Multiplication Methodologies PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Ministry of the Holy Spirit PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Mobilization Methodologies PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
New Believers Guidelines PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Orientation Guide PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Power Principles PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Prison Prayer Manual PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Prisoner Of The Lord PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Spiritual Strategies Of Warfare PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Strategic Spiritual Warfare PDF        
Strategies for Spiritual Harvest PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Teaching Tactics PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Women, A Biblical Profile PDF DOC MOBI PRC