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Solution-Focused Faith
How to Believe God for a Miracle

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NB: Now there is an UPDATED version, a larger PDF with the original ten bible studies as well as 8 extra pages including a 4 page teaching point summary and three worksheets to assist you with implementing the principles of Solution-Focused Faith in your life. FREE EBOOK - click here to download

What is a Solution-Focused Faith?

Solution-Focused Faith is faith that looks to a good God for practical and perfect solutions.

Solution-Focused Faith sees the character of God as connected to this world and actively arranging it according to His will.

Solution-focused Faith is the opposite of being problem-focused, negative and lost in anxiety. It is positive and forward looking and develops faith-filled personal mastery in life.

Why I Wrote These Studies

I have been in Christian work for twenty-five years as a missionary and in student work and counseling. I have always lived by faith and met the challenges of ministry (in 8 nations) through prayer. This book distills the lessons I have learned on how to successfully get prayers answered and see great works of faith accomplished.

About the Ebook

  • Ten studies on faith suitable for small group discussion. (see topics at left hand side)

  • Train your church/small group to believe in God.

  • Use them as a discipleship course for new believers.

  • Each study is about 3 pages long with four short discussion questions (in the ebook version not the individual studies)

  • All bible verses needed are included in the text.

  • Great for Christian businessmen or for folk looking for "something practical".

  • Includes powerful, biblical faith affirmations that you can use.

  • From Eternity Daily Bible Study - my daily bible-based Spirit-filled teaching series.

Study Outline in PDF form

1. The Direction Of Faith

2. The God Of Faith

3. The Faithful And True God

4. Faith In The Goodness of God

5. Faith In The Acceptance And Love Of God

6. Faith In The Coming Kingdom

7. Faith For Kingdom Ministry

8. Faith For The Powers Of The Kingdom

9. Faith For Specific Solutions

10. Faith For Personal Transformation


Solution-Focused Faith Teaching Points (4 pager)

Solution-Focused Faith Worksheet

Project Discernment Worksheet

Tasks and Priorities Worksheet

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