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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

This course covers the nature and the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Because of the importance of the topic it is a longer module and has extra credits associated with it. (4 credits instead of 3)

There are two free ebooks that accompany this course both are in PDF format:

The Harvestime module: The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
and the ebook: Holy Spirit Bible Studies

1.   Download and read the ebooks, they are the free etexts for the course.

2.   Second, discuss the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the questions it raises in your class, and/or the forums.

3.  Third write and reflect - in your personal journals.

4.  Fourth - do the assessment which is to both:
a) Complete the final exam associated with the Harvestime module
b)  Write a 1500 word (3 page) term paper on:
"The difference between the Holy Spirit DWELLING IN the Christian and the Holy Spirit COMING UPON the Christian"

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the course material.

Term papers should be done in MS-Word or similar format (Wordperfect, RTF , PDF)

You may find the free E-Sword Bible Study Software helpful in this research project.

Please hand the finished assessment to your pastor or study supervisor who will mark it and then send the result to us.


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