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Eternity 53 - The God of Growth

Zechariah 10:1 Darby Ask of Jehovah rain in the time of the latter rain; Jehovah will make lightnings, and he will give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.

I am from Brisbane , Australia, one of the thunderstorm capitals of the world, where the lightning is fierce and spectacular. Yet while lightning is impressive its major long-term effect is bright green grass! Lightning causes everything to grow a bit taller, a bit better and a lot greener. The shower that has some lightning with it is better for the crops.

So it is with revival - God's blessing sometimes comes with lightning - a few miracles and spectacular acts of God. And while these are not as essential as the rain of the Spirit they have their place in helping bring some extra growth among Christians.

According to the above verse from Zechariah the result of the latter rain will be "to everyone grass in the field". That is - a massive and well-ripened harvest. In answer to believing prayer in the right spiritual season there will be an out pouring of the Spirit and the spectacular acts of God that will bring His harvest to completion.

Our role at such a juncture is simply to pray. The ground has been tilled, the seed has been planted, some growth is already occurring and the farmer is waiting for that final touch that means the difference between a bountiful harvest and an average or poor harvest. He waits for the latter rain and the lightning.

In many churches the seed has been sown, some growth is occurring, but the fullness of God is not present, and faith is not fully developed in God's saints. In such a season the pastor and the leadership and the intercessors should covenant to pray o God for the latter rain and the lightning. Students of Church History tell us that revival always comes through prayer - [ see the wonderful article by Dr. Stuart Robinson called "Praying The Price of Revival" . It is God who causes the growth but he only seems to give us the growth we desire enough to earnestly pray for.

Back to the lightning - when we pray for revival we should also ask God for lightning - for those acts that singularly demonstrate His power and help us to see an extra dimension to His person and the power of His love.

There is a certain part of knowing God that requires miracle - which is why the miraculous was such an important part of the training of the Twelve. Without the miraculous Christianity can get side-tracked into becoming a philosophy or an ethic rather than a living active faith in a reliable God.

The mini-miracles of provision I see in my missionary work testify to me about how God is with me and His work and when I lay hands on someone and they are healed - then both of us learn of the love and grace of the Lord. Miracles are like lightning - the grass will grow without it - but it positively shines with it.

Miracles are there to help us know God and grow in Him and are part of a latter rain revival brought on by believing prayer in the right season of faith.




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