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1. The study leader should be equipped with a good study bible (e.g. NIV Study Bible or Thompson Chain-Reference) and go through the study before hand.

2. You will need a copy of “Operation World” by Patrick Johnstone. It is a guide to praying for all the countries in the world. It can be bought at most Christian bookstores. We will use it to pray for a country each week.

3. These studies work best if the members do the bible-reading at home before the session, and answer the questions, then discuss the answers in class.

4. The idea is for group members to answer the questions with the leader simply acting as a facilitator – the leader should do no more than one-third of the talking.

5. These Missions: An Adventure In Faith studies make extensive use of bible passages because we believe that the bible is the basis for all missionary work.

6. Each study has twelve questions and the same outline:
- Open in prayer asking God for truth and wisdom from His Word.
- Read the Bible passage
- Answer the questions, writing the answers in the space provided.
-Take about 3-5 minutes per question.
- Fill in the “Personal Application” section
- Pray for a country using Operation World.

7. You can use the following verse as an opening prayer:
Psalms 119:18 Open my eyes, so that I may behold wonderful things out of Your Law.

8. These studies take about one hour each. Sometimes you may want to break a study in half and do it over two weeks (especially for some of the deeper topics).

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